A cooker from the royal palace of Ramses II it is age more than 3200 years old the first cooker in histoery it has 12 hole ant it`s heat could be controled made from Bronze, it has the name of Ramses II, but found in the tomb ok king Pesones the first in his silver treasure the cooker set to has the fire under it then go throw the holes each hole has it`s own diameter to give differents levels of heat

Mummy of Queen Nodjmet

Mummy of Queen Nodjmet
Queen Nodjmet’s mummy was found in the at Deir el-Bahari cache (DB320). The mummy had been given artificial eyes, made of white and black stones. The eyebrows are real hair and she wears a wig. Her body and parts of her face were colored to give her a more lively appearance. The body was filled with sawdust and her hands are set by her sides.

Between the layers of her wrappings, a heart scarab and four small figurines of the Four Sons of Horus were found. The embalming wound, as well as her eyes, nose, mouth and ears were covered by wax.

Third Intermediate Period, 21st Dynasty, ca. 1069-945 BC.
Now in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. JE 26215